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2x05 / 4x04

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teen wolf + dramatic head turning 
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username: allison

password: allison

keyword: allison

atm: allison

my soul: allison

benzene’s formula: allison

the answer to life universe and everything: allison

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  • me: [reads season 10 summary to boyfriend and acknowledges concerns about castiel being detached from dean and sam and the main storyline again]
  • boyfriend: why are the writers so afraid to make them gay?
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http://goddessofdorkdom.tumblr.com/post/90428141261/so-much-awesome-in-tonights-ep-of-teen-wolf-not »


So much awesome in tonight’s ep of Teen Wolf! Not going into too much now because I know some people still haven’t seen it. Just going to say:

  • "Have you been time traveling?" I spit my diet ice tea across the room! Fav scene of the season so far!
  • Kydia brotp makes me so happy and I want lots…
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This scene I everything I never knew I needed.

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#scott had to literally go over and drag stiles away from lydia
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Baby Derek not putting up with Stiles’ shit tbh

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Pero like…Derek speaks Spanish?

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